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  Dear readers: Hi, being an Indie writer (self publisher) is a learning curve that keeps curving and curving  thus, there have been many changes getting this book into your hands well almost. This is a great book club must althought its takes place post civil war with struggles with defining freedom for Negro’s, and ways to turn back time for white southern’s  to enslavement it seems for some current time is still sitting in the narrative. Tulips for Evening wholes space for many characters even the worst has some king of redeming factors even if in their children.
The best way to purchase my novel is to  call order it from your favorite bookstore by the ISBN  9780692791707 pick it have a cup of tea,coffee or glass of wine and enjoy.
Now for those of you desiring an e-book the novel has different sites for purchase google  ebook ISBN

Very easy! just put in google has a really good sale price.



Warm regards,

Jovelyn D. Richards

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